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Little Bare Henni

Baby Wardrobe Organising Hangers - Natural Wood

Baby Wardrobe Organising Hangers - Natural Wood

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We know how easy it is for our baby's wardrobe to become filled with clothes of all sizes and become very messy. Whether they are new or hand-me-down clothes, it's hard to keep track of what you have in what sizes, and when your baby urgently needs a change of clothes it can be very stressful... So take the stress out and easily organize your baby's wardrobe by size.

  • Wood
  • Natural Colour 
  • 7 Hangers (Newborn to 18 - 24 months)

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The Brand

Behind the brand - Little Bare Henni

We are a Melbourne, Australian family sick of all the cleaning and stained clothes and floors that our beautiful little mess maker Lenni creates.

After having our first daughter Lenni and returning to work around the time she started to eat solid food we realised very quickly how much Lenni's clothing washing increased and how hard it was to have clean and stain free clothing for her. We wanted Lenni to enjoy exploring and learning all about food and messy sensory play like cooking and arts/crafts but couldn't keep up with the need for washing and purchasing more stain free clothing.

We tried to find alternative options but they were very "cutesie" baby like designs or were hard to clean quickly and effectively. We just wanted a practical piece that would last for all our children that didn't require cleaning, purchasing more bibs and was eco-friendly that complimented our little ones style regardless of the multiple clothing changes during a single day.

So with the lack of options we decided to take matters into our own hands and designed our own range of waterproof and stain resistant baby bibs using a a variety of durable materials with the convenience of simply wiping clean with a damp clean cloth or machine washing, while having the versatility of releasing the snap buttons to add further protection to little ones clothing during cooking and arts/crafts while also creating an easier cleaning ability by not having to get into the nooks and crannies of the pouch.

We are excited to share our practical pass-down pieces with you and look forward to extending our into toddler bibs, nappy caddy, smock bibs, play mats and baby change mats and making the messy moments cleaner and  easier in style x


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