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Tassie BeesWax Wraps

Organic Beeswax Wraps

Organic Beeswax Wraps

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Reusable and Plastic Free!

Tassie Beeswax Wraps are 100% handmade in Tasmania using natural Tasmanian ingredients. An Eco alternative to plastic wrap for storing all types of vegetables, fruits, snacks and even covering plates and platters.


- Locally sourced Tasmanian Organic Beeswax, Tree Resin and Jojoba oil
- Handmade in Tasmania
- Reduce your plastic consumption, saving landfill, contamination & resources.
- Perfect for covering left overs and storing your vegetables and fruits.


Family Starter Pack
2x large (30x30cm)
1x medium (25x25cm)
1x small (20x20cm)

Lunchbox Pack
2x large (30x30cm)
2x medium (25x25cm)
2x small (20x20cm)

Super Kitchen Pack
1x extra large (40x40cm)
2x large (30x30cm)
1x medium (25x25cm)


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The Brand

Behind the Brand - Tassie Beeswax Wraps

Our Story Here at Tassie Beeswax Wraps, we are absolutely passionate about our environment and reducing impact on the planet.That’s why we make a perfect eco-friendly, handmade and reusable alternative to cling wrap! We don’t claim to be big, rich or just in it for the money. And we’re not - we’re small and always will be, starting out with a community kit equipped with everything needed to make beeswax wraps. In 2018, we began to use these wonderful wraps ourselves and realised how much we were missing out before! A once-off market showed us the enthusiasm that many show towards reducing their plastic waste, and Tassie Beeswax Wraps grew across social media and fortnightly markets. We intend on keeping our business small and personal, not only selling beeswax wraps but also sharing tips and tricks on how to be more eco-friendly and reduce waste. Each beeswax wrap is made with time, effort and care on our small farm in southern Tasmania. We pride ourselves in creating a quality product that will last, rather than one that needs replacing every few months. We look forward to seeing our business change and evolve, thanks to the support of so many people around us. 

Hannah and Zoe

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