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Lustre The Ritual

Premium Engagement & Wedding Ring Cleaning Set

Premium Engagement & Wedding Ring Cleaning Set

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Like all treasures, your engagement ring requires care and attention to keep it looking its best. Enter Lustre. The Ritual. An at-home ring cleaning set that uses gentle ingredients to bring the sparkle and radiance back to your precious gemstones.

With a subtle scent of eucalyptus providing a nod to its Australian heritage, Lustre. The Ritual. is a ring cleaning product with a spa-like quality. Keep your ring looking radiant every day, thanks to our beautiful set that includes a non-toxic cleaning solution, hand-crafted ceramic dish, bamboo brush with bristles that easily reach into the crevices of your gemstone setting and a buffing cloth.

More than just a jewellery cleaner, Lustre. The Ritual ring cleaning set also comes with a deck of thoughtful affirmation cards to encourage lasting love for yourself and your romantic partner, the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one.

  • 50ml highly effective cleaning solution in ritual glass dropper bottle
  • Hand-crafted, beautiful and unique ceramic dish, no two are the same
  • Bamboo brush with medium bristles for effectively removing built up dirt, grime, lotions and oils from underneath your ring setting
  • Micro suede buffing cloth for drying and buffing, without scratching
  • 24 affirmation card deck focused on Love. Love for yourself and your romantic partner to make cleaning your ring into a meaningful and intentional ritual. 

  All bundled in premium quality, Australian made and designed packaging. 


Please allow 1-3 business days to process your order (+ shipping times).

The Brand

Behind the Brand - Lustre. The Ritual

Founded by Northern NSW mum-of-two, Sophie Gard, Lustre. The Ritual. was born out of a desire to transform at-home jewellery care into the treasured experience it should be.

For Sophie, the idea of cleaning her diamond and sapphire engagement ring over the kitchen sink using store-bought dish soap and a dirty old used toothbrush just didn’t feel right. And yet, there seemed to be no better alternative. Inspired by this, she set out to create a product that is not only safe to use on precious heirloom jewellery, but also offers a more gratifying experience when it comes to cleaning your beloved piece at home.

Now, you can enjoy the Lustre. The Ritual. too. The Set helps to keep your engagement and wedding ring radiating all year round, while creating a special moment just for you.

Special care has been taken to keep the entire product free from plastic and gentle on the environment. 



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