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Walls Of Stories

Rattan Daisy Keepsake

Rattan Daisy Keepsake

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Are you bored with the traditional frames and ways to display your most precious photographs?

Walls of stories Rattan Keepsake can transform any of your beautiful memories - ultrasound, wedding, birthday, overseas trip or other special occasion - into pieces of art, with this custom made option. 


Printed on leatherette grain fabric, in your choice of colour (as is) or black and white, I can frame your photograph or any quotation, into this gorgeous Rattan frame.

As each keepsake is custom made by hand, no two pieces are the same. Therefore any imperfection found only enhances the uniqueness of the piece - making it a truly individual product.


Rattan Keepsake - 50cm (H) x 50cm (W) x 3.5cm (D)
Centre Leatherette Image - 17cm diameter


Please allow 3weeks for completion of your piece from the approval date of your print proof.

The Brand

Behind The Brand - Wall Of Stories

I’m Rachel, and I wasn’t always a maker. Or a mum, for that matter. But becoming both of those things has changed my life entirely, in ways I didn’t totally expect. Like giving people a beautiful way to share their stories, for example.

As the self-taught designer and maker behind Walls of Stories, I’m one for nurturing nostalgia with the sentiment of a handcrafted keepsake. Why? Because I believe photographs, design and storytelling have a way of evoking meaningful emotion like no other, which gives them the right to be hung proudly and cherished every single day. Here at Walls of Stories, I thoughtfully handcraft pieces that are as unique as the story they hold.

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