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Selenite Bowl Medium

Selenite Bowl Medium

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The perfect way to easily cleanse and charge your crystals and bring a calming, deep peace to your space.  Selenite bowls are a must have energy cleansing tool and Selenite is self cleansing!

To use just place your crystals, tumbles or jewellery into the Selenite bowl after use and leave overnight to remove any negative energy.



Chakras: Crown, Third Eye Element: Wind Zodiac: Taurus

Healing properties: Instils a sense of deep peace, making it effective for meditation or spiritual work. Cleanses the aura and protects one from negative influences. Enhances thought clarity and assists spiritual insight. Can be used to form a protective grid around a home or sacred space.

Affirmation: "I am at one with myself, the Earth, and the universe."

Selenite crescent moon bowl measures 10x10x3.5cm

*crystals and jewellery not included

Product Care

Stones and crystals are natural materials each beautiful and unique in pattern and  composure; therefore no two crystals will ever be the same. Please be aware that as natural objects their appearance can vary from the images shown and they may contain tiny fissures and pits. Please expect to find inclusions and beautiful markings within the crystal and variations in the stones. Please be aware that some of our products are hand made or hand-cut so they will never be completely ‘perfect’.


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The Brand

Behind the brand - Soulwood

Hello beautiful souls. We are Rochelle and Kimberley the co-creators of Soulwood. But better known to each other as Melon and Moley lol because let's face it, you always have the strangest terms of endearment for your best friends. Rochelle originates from New Zealand and Kimberley originates from Scotland and we reside in Perth Western Australia with our families. We met in the workplace in 2006 and have been besties ever since. Fast forward to 2019 when we both decided to take our love for crystals, healing and wellness seriously. We attended many wellness and healing events and knew that we had to create something special in this space. In 2019, at one of these events we met Stacey Anne Bernadette and that’s when our passion was taken to another level. When we first started on our crystal journey, we would go into crystal stores and look at beautiful images of crystal grids online and it was all so daunting. So many different crystals, so many uses and crystal gridding just looked complex, from finding the right crystals based on your intentions, to the "activation" of your grid. From this Soulwood was born, we didn't want to give up on the good vibes and we wanted people just like us to be able to use the amazing power of crystals in their every day without feeling anxious that it was all too complex or like they needed a degree to figure it all out. So we decided, what better way to bring this magic and power to your every day life than with amazing crystal jewellery that can be worn every day and having the crystal in touch with your body, allowing you to easily receive the healing properties of the crystal.

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